Collab Writers is a creative incubator, bringing members of our worldwide community together to co-create, market and distribute their work.

When working alone, many writers struggle to get words on a page. Another common problem is progressing projects to completion. Once they do, writers struggle to make contacts to get the professional feedback necessary to win that elusive publishing deal.

Collab Writers will try to help you overcome these common stumbling blocks through enabling collaboration.

Collab Writers is a talent pool and introductory service for aspiring writers and other artists. We encourage and will facilitate collaboration to create works of fiction and non-fiction, faction and a mash up of genres.

Collab Writers will try to put an end to writer’s block through collaboration.

From experience, we know that working with a collaborator provides an
endless stream of creativity.

Collab Writers: In 2020 we plan to create an App to match and pair members up. We hope that members will use the on-line environment to share ideas and vision and encourage collaboration on a global scale.

Collab Writers will host quarterly competitions and will publish the work of all finalists on the website.

For the best collaborations, we will offer an introductory service with literary agents.

We will also publish collaborative works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and faction under our own branded publishing arms.

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