Lights, camera & collaboration on ‘Consequences’

There’s a great line in a number of Hollywood movies where the big cheese says:

“Get your people to speak to my people…..”

Since the conception of Collab Writers, there has been a lot of this going on behind the scenes and we are doing it for ourselves, indie style. We are not waiting for the big cheeses to knock on our door.

It’s all about ‘collaboration’

We have had a little help from our friends. Our founder partner Elliot Grove and founder collaborator, Ali Mashayekhi have been working their magic to start the wheels in motion to take Consequences (the book – that you can pre-order here)  from page to screen.

When we told Ali about ‘Consequences’ back in September his eyes lit up as we described Sylvie and Betty and he promptly mentioned the Strain twins who he had worked with in Canada. Ali spoke to the twins, they loved the idea and prepared an audition tape (above). The rest, as they say, is history.

We loved the writing and the relationship of the protagonists. It wasn’t like anything we had read before. We were eager to know more…Katie and Karissa Strain

And, that eagerness led the twins to London for 24 hours last Thursday to meet us and discuss putting flesh on the bones of our murderous duo, Sylvie and Betty. On Thursday night, Collab Writers met Karissa and Katie Strain, two trailblazing, talented Canadian actors.

Next up – your collaborative works

Collab Writers’ dream of taking books to film is manifesting for ‘Consequences.’ Now that we’ve got things moving on our first collaborative work, we’ll be in a stronger position to help make this happen for you, Collab Writers. In the meantime, we are going to manifest seeing a billboard of:

“‘Consequences’ (the movie) coming soon to a cinema near you.” 

What is your work called? Have you thought about whether it will make a good short, feature length movie or TV series? It’s time to put your thinking caps on.

If you’ve yet to find your story, or, if you want to move it forward, it’s time to follow the Collab motto and:



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