Collab Writers presents “Windswept”

Collab Writers was launched in November last year to bring creatives of all kinds together to connect, collaborate, tell stories and get work out there.  As well as encouraging connections and collaborations, we are here to help our members showcase their work off our platform to spread the word about their stories.


Today, we’re launching our Collab Writers presents series where we’ll showcase members’ work, encourage book promotions and facilitate signings. Collab Writers wants to help you grow your audience. We want Collab to be a nurturing space where we encourage one another in a positive fashion. No trolls welcome!

The first Collab Writer to feature in Collab Writers presents is one of our founder Collaborators, Lynwood Shiva Sawyer, an independent publisher. This weekend Jennie caught up with Lynwood across the pond in Charlotte, USA, hot on the heels of his debut book signing tour.

Jennie: “Congratulations Lynwood on getting Windswept out there. Anjali was lucky enough to read an advance copy and was singing its praises. Can you give the rest of us a teaser for “Windswept”:

Lynwood: “Sure, I’ll give you a teaser by asking you some questions…

“How far would you go to protect the only man whom you ever loved who loved you in return?”

Jennie: “Pretty far!”

Lynwood: “What would you do if the man of your dreams had been targeted for assassination by his sociopathic employer, a voracious multinational mining corporation with apparently bottomless resources.” 

Jennie: “I’d go after them…and take them down.”

Lynwood: “What boundaries would you cross?”

Jennie:”More than I should.”

Lynwood: “Which of your most cherished scruples would you violate to save his life?”

Jennie: “Sounds like the girlfriend [protagonist] is in for quite a ride.”

Lynwood: “She sure is. Working class New Yorker Meghan Joyce is about to find out as she discovers herself trapped in a life-or-death struggle for the love of her life, Englishman Thomas Catherton Lockhart against a foe whose seemingly all-seeing reach is beyond her imagination. Meghan, determined to save Thomas’s life, persuades him to flee New York. But everywhere the desperate couple turns, they find Murdock’s well-financed killers lying in wait.”

Jennie: “Wow! That sounds like a seat of your pants action packed roller coaster ride thriller with a bit of romance thrown in.”

Lynwood: “Sure is. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers. Come on down to the Library where I will be signing copies on 5 September. Or, if you need a summer read grab it at the Amazon link below and I will sign it for you at the Library. “

Jennie: “Anjali and I are honoured to host you Lynwood and wish you all the very best with “Windswept.”

If you happen to be stateside, you can catch Lynwood where some of the action of “Windswept” takes place in New York this coming Saturday 10 August.
256 W. 38th Street (btw 7th & 8th)
Suite 703 NY,
NY 10018
3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Or, if you can wait until September to get your hands on a copy, sign up for our Collab Writers Back to School meet-up on Thursday 5 September at the Library, London. We will host our usual mingling and we will have an original  ‘back to school’ game of Consequences for you to play so get those pencils sharpened and fountain pens filled with ink at the ready. No ink fights and no hair pulling allowed.

ShivaLynwood Shiva Sawyer was born a vagabond spirit and still has yet to learn the meaning of “comforrt zone.” Besides earning a degree in organic chemistry at Florida’s experimental New College, Sawyer was an editorof the underground paper, The Charlotte Inquisition. He also wrote “The Tattered Rose” (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine 500th First Story), lyrics for Wombat Productions bands The Mongolords and Moose Magic & the Spoilsports as well as the First Light Stage Company misfire, December Never Yields. He also wrote the cult classic, Space Avenger, one of the world’s last true Technicolor films. Founder and publisher emeritus of Pig­town Books and Hidden Pearl Books, he cur­rently writes screenplays for Norwich-based EQ Films.

And last but not least, credits go to:

The Writer of our first Collab Writers presents:
“Windswept” by Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
Book design by D. Bass
Original cover painting by Nad Wolinska (All rights reserved)
Cover design by Richard Amari
Photo of New York Skyline by Reynaldo #brigworkz Brigantty
from Pexels
Photo enhancement by Becque Olson
Available on Amazon HERE

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