Get off your shelf CWs, it’s Festival Time!

Raindance Film FestivalNow that you are all firmly back in your back to school routines – with your pens full of ink, early nights and chilly mornings, the Raindance Film Festival has returned to London for its 27th year of disruptive filmmaking.

This year’s programme is truly inspirational with boundary pushing documentaries; movies, long and short; a well informed programme of industry talks and a groundbreaking VR showcase. All of the artistic creations on the big screen in Piccadilly have one thing in common, they are all co-creations, the touchstone of Collab Writers.

The opening film, Krow a documentary about a transgender superstar was informative and heart wrenching. An important film to highlight and encourage the vital coming together of humanity at a time of great divide. Spot on Raindance! See it Tuesday night.

For you die hard Raindancers, you know how inspirational the festival is even to the most seasoned of filmmakers so if you know of anyone just starting out on the journey, send them down to Piccadilly Circus.

10 Raindance Movies and events to go see this week

Collab Writers have saved you time by picking a selection of sensational Raindance offerings this week.

1.Live Ammunition – Vue Piccadilly, Monday 23 September followed by Members Drinks at the Century Club.
Tickets here

An opportunity for you to pitch that story idea that has been burning inside of you to an industry panel of experts – and, get constructive feedback to help you progress. It’s also great to hear others pitch. Having pitched ourselves last year, we recommend this.

2. Homeless Ashes – Vue Piccadilly, Monday 23 September 9:15pm
Tickets Here

A superb film highlighting the plight of some of the country’s homeless population. Survival on the streets. Like so many Raindance films this will pull at your heart strings and encourage you to think about how you can be of service to those less fortunate than you.

3. Everybody Flies – Vue Piccadilly, Tuesday 24 September
Tickets Here

If you are a regular flier you might, or might not want to see this warts and all documentary. Like the environment and politics, it’s better to know.

4. Why are we Creative – Vue Piccadily, Today, Tuesday 24 September 3:15
Tickets Here 

Jennie saw this late last night and is raving about it. She says:

This has to be one of the highlights of a festival, full of creative types who will appreciate how some of the world’s most creative minds interpret their creativity. If you want some creative inspiration, watch this – you won’t be disappointed.

5&6. ‘Alice’ and ‘Schemers’ – Vue Piccadilly, Wednesday 25 September
Alice Tickets Here 6:30pm
Schemers Tickets Here 6:45pm

These two movies both look great. Alice was produced by our Founder Partner Elliot Grove. It tells the story of a woman forced to make tough personal choices as a way out of poverty. Part of the Womens’ story series. As we know, such stories are not limited to women. Schemers highlights the ingenuity of human nature, we will let you see for yourself what a young ex-footballer’s ‘scheme’ is.

7.VR Showcase – From Thursday 26 September @ The Oxo Tower
Tickets and Progamme Here

If you’ve yet to adorn the goggles, here’s your chance to be taken both physically and mentally to a fantasy world. It’s certainly the future!

8. Scars, Saturday 27 September
Tickets Here 8:30pm

Raindance likes to keep life real. This documentary promises to be a tale of humanity, encouraging society to look beyond the cover of our books. We are not our appearances.

9.Hurt by Paradise, Saturday 27 September
Tickets Here 8:00pm

An artist’s journey is often set with unexpected twists and turns and challenges along the way. This is a Saturday night movie that promises a rollercoaster tale of a young poet and single mother.

10. Aren’t you Happy, Closing night film – Sunday 28 September
Tickets Here 5:00pm

Who doesn’t want to be happy at the end of a festival. This is a film that promises to finish the 27th Raindance Film Festival on the emotional high it started on with the heartwarming, Krow.

The films and documentaries featured here are but a glimpse of the indie filmmaking talent on display in London this week. Take a look at the full programme or download the Raindance App to check it out for yourself. At every film screened you will get to see the provocative trailer set in a futuristic, dystopian London. if you can’t wait, sneak a peak below.

We will see you there!

Collab Writers 

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