CW Holiday Consequences

Consequences Parlour GAme
Don’t let the Turkey or the Vegan nut roast get all of your attention, attend to your creative side. As an ode to collaboration channelling years gone by, we encourage you to collaborate with family or friends this holiday season. Consequences was a real feature of Christmas gatherings.

And you heard it here first, it’s back in fashion, Collab Writers’ style. In our disruptive fashion, we don’t hide what we’ve written, we share and bounce off one another’s creativity to achieve a richer collaborative work. The festive season is the perfect time to exercise that creative muscle and play Consequences! If you’re lucky enough, you might have family or friends who once played it.

If you’re up for it download our Collab Writers Holiday homework. If you’d like to share your holiday stories with us and see them on our website in January, do email them through or we will collect them in January.

If you’d like the names of your collaborators to be revealed so that they can see their names in lights on our website, feel free! If you’d rather a pen name for your collective grouping, we look forwarding to some interesting names.

Stuff those stockings full of oranges

If only we’d played Consequences as children. My grandma had her own version. She used sit me on her knee, peel a satsuma or tangerine and pretend that each segment was a new page in a book.I was spellbound every time. Each piece of fruit told a different story and I couldn’t eat enough of those segments.

So, parents, grandparents, listen up – stuff those stockings full of oranges (Victorian style). It’s a wonderful way to give your kids one of their five a day and encourage creativity. Simple and cheap gift giving – step back in time this holiday season!

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