Collabers – your opinion counts!

When we launched Collab Writers at the end of 2018 we told everyone about our future book Consequences. A lot has happened over the past 18 months:

  • we have redrafted the book
  • we have had an editor in America checking and triple checking the manuscript
  • we have started drafting a screenplay
  • we have Readers waiting with beady eyes to pick up any remaining typos

We’ve also engaged the brilliant illustrator, Adam Blakemore of Strelka to come up with book cover and movie poster designs.

From a dozen of Adam’s ideas, we have boiled it down to just three. And now it’s your turn to let us know which cover you think is the most dynamic for our crime noir debut.

Please take a look and vote for the cover image you’d like to see in book stores!

Yours creatively,
Anjali and Jennie

Help us choose a cover image for Consequences:

Its easy! Just click on the link and hey PRESTO – we will get your vote!
Consequences Concept One

I prefer Concept One.

Consequences 2

I prefer Concept Two.

021_Consequences Cover Concepts (2) AB
I prefer Concept Three.

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