Let’s make calm & kindness viral

calm and kindnessLet’s create and not focus on all the slap

You’ll have received multiple emails this week from restaurants, businesses, shops, etc  in light of what is happening in the UK and across the world. They have to do this and it reassures us and makes us feel safer.

Here at Collab Writers, we are not going to mention ‘it’ by name as doing so gives it presence in our lives. If you find yourself more ‘indoors’ than ‘outdoors’ in your freetime then that is a wonderful opportunity to be creative.

Time indoors could be a blessing for your creative project. In a recent blog, I wrote about making time for your creative pursuits – well here you are – you’ve got it!

Choose what you put you attention on

“What you seek is seeking you

No offence to journalists working hard, but I wish the media would calm down. Mad hysteria does not help people in testing times. If you are doing nothing but reading the news – perhaps ask yourself WHY?

If you must indulge, how about reducing your exposure to the hysteria? Whatever you are going through, FEAR is the last thing you want. It increases your heart rate and triggers the flight or fight response of the body.

CALM is what you need. I have some experience of illness, suffering, fear and panic. And that long list is so much easier to deal with in a state of CALM. And remember, we are all a lot tougher than we think we are. To take from Rudyard Kipling’s famous quote:

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…”

Reframe the madness to ease dis-ease and use it create

To some of you, this may seem a little ‘mindful’ for Collab. Well, here is Jennie ‘coming out.’ I’m spiritual/mindful and this is thanks to living with Crohn’s disease since a teenager. I’ve learnt to reframe and use the emotions from pain and suffering to do things, including create. In the words of Kanye West:

“Creative output as you know is just pain. I’m going to be cliche for a minute and say that great art comes from pain.

Cheers Kanye, glad you said it. Whilst I don’t have any qualifications to spread that word, I’ve done my time. Those of you at CW’s one year anniversary party, know that we launched the Easing Dis ease project – which is moving along, and this is a taster of that.

Out of great suffering can come great art

As creatives you know that emotional, physical, psychological ups and downs can result in incredible poetry, writing, art. And for those who don’t create but appreciate the creations of others, art has a wonderfully soothing effect. So creatives, you will always have an audience for your work. What’s important is that you pour out your emotions, frustrations, love or anger and create something only you have the power to create.

Art is to console those who are broken by life
Vincent Van Gogh

The currency of kindness

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

I believe that in our lifetime we will see a gradual shift from the importance of the currency of money to the currency of kindness. It’s as obvious as it sounds. Large corporations reduce, money becomes less of a focus and kindness and good deeds become more important. Perhaps we are at the stage where we are building the foundations of this. How you react to yourself and others and what your children learn from you has the potential to change your life and focus.

The smile game

I decided to play the smile game in Canary Wharf earlier this week. I smiled at everyone who walked past me on my commute. Interestingly enough not many smiled back. It took forty odd people, and I’d say I have a friendly, non-intimidating face. So, I decided to spread the word. Many loved the idea and said they were going to practice it. They reported back and said it made them feel happier too. I thought they’d say that. A by-product of smiling is the release of endorphins, as is placing your hand on your heart.

Be grateful for those around you. Smile, even at strangers, go on – I dare you. If you need to learn how to do this, watch babies and young children. They smile more than us, and don’t hesitate to smile at strangers.

So if you feel yourself feeling anxious, unwell and stressing in the weeks to come, consider some ‘mindful’ thinking and reframe negative feelings by (i) smiling, and (ii) placing your hand on your heart. This will help you better manage troubled waters.

The show will go on

Rest assured that Collab Writers networking in April and May will happen. It may have to be online due to circumstances beyond our control. Rest assured, the community is alive and kicking regardless of what is happening around us. You can email Anjali and I at any time on info@collabwriters.com. We are also working hard on our website to help enhance the online experience for y’all!

Use this trying time to create. Remember, following the herd is the easy option. Collab Writers was set up to disrupt and we will continue that for the rest of our days and sincerely hope that you, The Collab Writers tribe will help to do that.

Our next ‘mindful creative’ blog will be on shaping your creative legacy. In the meantime, if you want some more mindful blogs, check out www.calmingcrohns.com.  

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