The Dawn of The Age of Collaboration

creative collaborationThank you 2020 for bringing many of us together, the year ‘collaboration’ became ‘cool’.

Let’s face it, without collaboration, we wouldn’t have got as much done. If you are enjoying your new found ‘collaboration’ you will love what we do at Collab Writers. The clue is in our name, we are all about ‘collaboration’ of writers and other creatives.

Goodbye ‘me, myself and I’ culture

There’s no denying that part of our old society is crumbling together with the ‘me me me’ culture. In case you’ve forgotten it already, this was the culture where people cared quite a lot about themselves, how rich they were, and what they could achieve in life. Competition was the name of the game. Keeping up with the Jones’s was more important than giving the Jones’s a helping hand.

Enter 2020, and we have got to know our neighbours, and have helped in the community. We are becoming more ‘us’ than ‘I’, also marking the dawn of The Great Collaboration.

“The old way of life has been paused by a power greater than us and the ‘me, me, me’ culture crystallised in history to make way for The Age of Collaboration.”

If we stop and think, even the best of us were a bit ‘me, me ‘me’ focused until 2020 arrived. As we emerge like butterflies from lockdown, we are transformed, thinking about how we can help others, opening us up to finding ways of working with others.

Hello Collaboration – working together as one

Collab Writers was born (pre-pandemic) to connect people, to help them get to know one another and build up relationships of trust. The collaborative creative community was born to encourage creatives to collaborate through telling stories together. We are here to connect, support and inspire you to join forces to create passion projects.

As distance disappears, and time differences become less important, we are paying less attention to individual difference and believing more in commonalities. The time to collaborate is NOW. When Collab Writers was born, 18 months ago ‘collaboration’ was a word we didn’t hear that often. It is now on every forward thinking company’s radar.

So how does collaboration happen at Collab Writers?

We bring people together. We identify creative synergies and make creative collaborations happen. How? We just do. There is no clever algorithm. We know creative talent when we see it, old hands or emerging creatives, all are welcome. Our collaborative crystal ball gives us the vision of what we feel will work collaboratively. Then we connect people and collaborations just happen. It’s why we were created, and we truly believe it’s the reason we are here.

On top of the many ongoing collaborations that have been born and come to life through Collab Writers, our members have also collaborated with big players, the Raindance Film Festival, The Showface Festival, and Manga Big Bang to name a few. Our Small Ads, Big Roles Feature on our newsletter is open to all members as a platform to seek collaborators and shout from the rooftops about collaborations and creative projects.

Whatever happens in the future, one thing’s for sure, it’s Goodbye the ‘Me me me’ culture, and it’s Hello to the ‘let’s work together, as one’ culture.

If you want to know what all of the buzz is about, join us at Collab Writers in September on ZOOM with a special creative guest. We are also delighted that we have more new and exciting international collaborations stirring in the Collab pot, to be announced soon.

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