The stories you care about are the ones to tell

I bang on (and on) about telling stories that matter and how now is the time. I believe this more and more, day by day. The thing about the pandemic is that it makes us more aware of life and death and the mere momentary breath that separates them, how precious it is and how important it is to come here to do what we were meant to do and say what we need to say.

That’s where your voice, spoken, on the page, through art or dance, or any other medium, matters. It really does matter, and I’m delighted that an organisation with greater muscle than Collab Writers agrees.

Netflix want you to tell stories that matter

Yes, you read that right – whatever you are doing, sit down, take a deep breath and read on. Netflix are encouraging you to tell stories that matter, and have launched a documentary talent fund to inspire and discover a new generation of filmmakers, with an open call for submissions on documentaries until 31 January 2021 . Yes, that’s right, us mere mortals can directly get our ideas to Netflix, agented or not, experienced or not. So, dig deep and make time to sketch out the story you are keen to tell and the perspective from which you want to tell it under the banner of ‘Britain’s Not Boring and Here’s a Story.’

Human Rights, wrongs, social issues, mental health, inequalities

There is no shortage of hot topics that matter to each of us. Is there a unique perspective that you or someone you know has that has yet to see the light of day? That might be a window into an idea.

Documentaries don’t have to be heavy or about things that are wrong – they can be upbeat and hopeful too. They need to tell a story, a story that matters that needs to be told.

But I don’t know what story to tell

If you haven’t worked out what story you need to tell, sit quietly again and have a think about what matters to you, whether there is a story or a perspective on that story that has not been told and jot down the idea.

I can’t tell it alone

Fear not, if you want to collaborate on a documentary send us an email to We will put a call out on our next newsletter and try to get you hooked up with fellow Collab Writers.

Also, come along to our January 7th session online with media lawyer, Tony Morris.
Attend and put a call for interest in the chat.

See you soon!

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