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The Founders

Collab Writers began as a joint concept between two writers, both short on time, rich on ideas but determined to write. Facing writer’s block going solo, they joined forces and after a year completed a draft of their first book which is currently being edited and prepared for publication.

They’re now writing their second novel. Each is also writing short stories and
other writing projects independently of the other.

Anjali Alford

Anjali Alford works in marketing and is currently writing her second collaborative work called ‘Swipe’ with her business partner, Jennie. Anjali was a longstanding members of the Greenwich Writers Group in the 1990s.

Jennie Griffiths

Jennie Griffiths is an experienced GB qualified lawyer, who has worked as a human rights and consumer rights lawyer in the private and public sectors across public and commercial law. Jennie writes fiction and non-fiction and is currently working on a number of writing projects, including collaborative works with her business partner, Anjali.

She has a special interest in blending fiction and non-fiction and weaving personal and spiritual messages into fictional stories.

How this partnership works

Jennie is great at beginnings, a self- confessed creative ideas merchant.
Anjali is the finisher.
Together they are a great example of how Collabwriters’ ‘talent incubator’ works.

Founding collaborative partner

Elliot Grove, the founder of Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards has thrown his hat into the ring as a founding collaborative partner.

I am pleased to be able to contribute to this exciting new venture. In my nearly thirty years working with writers and filmmakers I can see how Collab Writers fulfils an unique and important need.

Our Founder Collaborators

This is the group of people who worked together to launch this initiative:

  • Publishing – Shiva Sawyer
  • Photographers – Pippa Kay, Lilly Guichard
  • Actors – Tremayne Miller, Erich Redman, Katie and Karissa Stern
  • Filming – Michelle Bromham
  • Notebook print designer – Caroline Lowe
  • Poet and singer, songwriter – Emel Michael
  • Screenwriter, producer, director – Ali Mashayekhi
  • PR and social media genius, Seth Valchev

Our Founder Members

Founder members help us do things we couldn’t otherwise afford to do.  Founder members help us getting the word out by telling their friends to engage with us. Founder members send us their ides and suggestions on how to make this a better collaborative work space.

Benefits of Membership

– free admission to upcoming Collab Writers networking events
– free manuscript and script registration with our partners Raindance
– 20% discount on Raindance courses and events – enter CollabWriters at checkout
– more deals and special offers coming soon

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Our Founder Members

Claude Green James Rowland Paul Chakrabarti
Elliot Grove John Alford Pieranna Bordi
William Lowe James Rowland Caroline Lowe
Claude Green Simon Craven Shiva Sawyer
Selvi Jegatheswara Pat Jones Anne Williams
Roger Read Landed Entertainments Lin Edgeson
Rosemary Lloyd Tom Roberts Janet Griffiths
Santosh Chakrabarti Wayne Turner Tracey Selmes
Steve Henson Sabina Hewitt Sandra Dean
Sharon Osborne Stevie Webb Keith Best
Keith Hughes Keith McGuinness Lev Makarytchev
Nickie McDade Keith Best Keith Hughes
Keith McGuinness Lev Makarytchev Clare Gorry
Gavin Whitfield Juanita Priest Carol Bates
Allis Harrison Aurelie Guichard Barbara Blake
Barbara Vonau Your name here


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