Still looking for something new in 2019? ‘Collaboration’ may be what you need


After one sleep on December 31 we moved seamlessly into a bright new year. On January 1 we were expected to be ‘new’ – full of resolutions and aims for the year ahead. Despite the fireworks and the shiny new diary, it was the same ‘you’ that woke up on January 1st. If you’re a writer, you faced the same blank page. If you’ve yet to make real progress so far this year, read on….

Whilst I don’t slavishly follow the flock by taking up something new each year, a few years ago, my writing partner, Anjali Alford and I decided to set out our aims. Looking back, having achieved them, we’d like to encourage you to add one little word to your active vocabulary this year ‘collaborate.’

collaborate – co-operate
1. ‘collaborate’

When people collaborate on a project, they work together in order to produce something. For example, two writers can collaborate to produce a single piece of writing.

The Free Dictionary

Collaborate is a word that punches above its weight, and it requires action from you and someone else.

Do you wanna be a Recordbreaker?


I’ve had the 1980s Recordbreakers strapline ‘do you wanna be a record breaker?’ going round and round in my head. For anyone old enough to remember the TV series ‘Recordbreakers’ the strapline was a motivational call to action for folks to set their mind on a goal and try to be the best they could at it. And ultimately, win and break a record.

There are aspects of this that really resonate for all creators. We want to create, and we want folks to enjoy what we create, whether it’s a book, a film or some other creation. Do you want to break records? Maybe, maybe not. One thing for sure, in order to break records you have to actually motivate yourself sufficiently to create. As they say in the world of competitions, “you’ve gotta be in it to win it”.

And this is where Collab Writers comes in…..

Here are three ways you can collaborate:


You need to find someone to collaborate with.

This is where Collab Writers can help you. We will be holding pop ups worldwide in 2019 to hook you up with one another. Ultimately, we want to build an app to make the connection process easier. In the meantime, we’re going to have to be old school about it. We will host a matching creators version of speed dating for (no mating involved) at our pop ups that will let you connect with other creatives to see if you might be compatible for a potential collaboration.

Become a Founder Member if you want to attend our first matching creators pop up in 2019. We plan to let you know the first date and location next month.

Be open minded about who you collaborate with

At Collab Writers, Anjali and I have looked beyond the obvious writer-writer collaboration and are also collaborating with photographers, musicians, print artists and courtesy of Raindance, movie peeps.

Our first collaboration of 2019 is a limited edition notebook where we’ve collaborated with London print designer, Caroline Lowe. We are refining the notebooks this month and hope to have them out to you by the end of February.

Our previous blog will whet your appetite of the type of design you can expect to feast your eyes on. If you still want to pre-order these limited edition notebooks you can get your hands on them at our website here.


Limited Edition Collab Writers notebooks

Our first Collab Writers limited edition notebooks are in collaboration with London print designer, Caroline Lowe. Our first edition notebooks will be hand numbered and signed. Your notebook will be one of these two designs.



Many people have been amazed at how we’ve managed to collaborate on our writing? It’s this easy – you just need to hook up. Just do it. Sit down together or chat on FaceTime/Skype/What’s App about your ideas and brainstorm. Then comes the plan – make a skeleton of your story or your co-creation.

There is no way around the next stage, you’ve just got to get started. It’s not as hard as you think to get started when you’ve got someone to collaborate with. Two minds are better than one. Twice as many ideas are far more likely to result in words on a page if you are writers.


It’s through your collaboration that you will co-create. It’s not rocket science! It’s unavoidable and your creation will grow at twice the rate as if you were doing it yourself because you are sharing the creative process, there are two of you doing it.

A New Year and a New You!

Over to you…..and you…..and you

So, if you are going to do any kind of ‘new year, new you’ thinking, do yourself and others a favour and start thinking about your ideas for a collaborative project. If you know fellow creators, hook up and give it a go. We will be giving you more tips on how to collaborate – so watch this space. Why not join our mailing list?

Along the theme of Recordbreakers, Collaboration’s what you need.

Wishing you every success in your journeys to connect – collaborate and create in 2019. We hope you will join us to help us on your journey.


Become a founder member

Could there ever be a better deal for a tenner? Founder members enjoy benefits and discounts with all of the partners we are working with.


Collab with London print designer, Caroline Lowe

We are pleased to announce that London print designer Caroline Lowe has agreed to contribute an original print design for our notebooks.

Pattern designs

Tromp L’oeil devore Marks of a Bohemian Cyborg Landscape
Tromp L'oeil devore small Marks of a Bohemian small Cyborg landscape small

Dress designs

Robot Wiring Sequinned pinafore Orange Robot
Robot wiring small Sequinned pinafore small Orange robot small


About Designer Caroline Lowe

‘Maximalism for escapists’

Caroline is a talented printed textile designer of bespoke printed & custom- made fabric for fashion & accessories & fashion-led interiors. Caroline creates exuberant, extravagant and hedonistic themed prints featuring hand-drawn and digital patterns & placements to fire the senses.

Lights, camera & collaboration on ‘Consequences’

There’s a great line in a number of Hollywood movies where the big cheese says:

“Get your people to speak to my people…..”

Since the conception of Collab Writers, there has been a lot of this going on behind the scenes and we are doing it for ourselves, indie style. We are not waiting for the big cheeses to knock on our door.

It’s all about ‘collaboration’

We have had a little help from our friends. Our founder partner Elliot Grove and founder collaborator, Ali Mashayekhi have been working their magic to start the wheels in motion to take Consequences (the book – that you can pre-order here)  from page to screen.

When we told Ali about ‘Consequences’ back in September his eyes lit up as we described Sylvie and Betty and he promptly mentioned the Strain twins who he had worked with in Canada. Ali spoke to the twins, they loved the idea and prepared an audition tape (above). The rest, as they say, is history.

We loved the writing and the relationship of the protagonists. It wasn’t like anything we had read before. We were eager to know more…Katie and Karissa Strain

And, that eagerness led the twins to London for 24 hours last Thursday to meet us and discuss putting flesh on the bones of our murderous duo, Sylvie and Betty. On Thursday night, Collab Writers met Karissa and Katie Strain, two trailblazing, talented Canadian actors.

Next up – your collaborative works

Collab Writers’ dream of taking books to film is manifesting for ‘Consequences.’ Now that we’ve got things moving on our first collaborative work, we’ll be in a stronger position to help make this happen for you, Collab Writers. In the meantime, we are going to manifest seeing a billboard of:

“‘Consequences’ (the movie) coming soon to a cinema near you.” 

What is your work called? Have you thought about whether it will make a good short, feature length movie or TV series? It’s time to put your thinking caps on.

If you’ve yet to find your story, or, if you want to move it forward, it’s time to follow the Collab motto and:



The Birth Of Collab Writers

On 8th November 2018 Collab Writers, a new start up launched their collaborative creative community at The Century Club, Soho, London, England.

The launch saw creatives of all kinds networking and writing stories together. We played the old parlour game ‘Consequences’ by writing stories across a number of genres.

Where did the idea come from?

Co-founders Jennie Griffiths and Anjali Alford wrote a crime noir book together on their commutes.

I had the idea to reinvent the old Victorian parlour game, ‘Consequences’. Fortunately Jennie loves a challenge, and trusted my idea of us taking on two murderous protagonists. We decided to take one each and write from their perspective. We collaborated on our commutes and a year later we finished the first draft.
– Anjali Alford, Co-founder
[Anjali and Jennie’s collaborative work is currently with an editor in the States.]

After finishing their work, Jennie had the idea to build a community to encourage collaboration and disruption in the arts. They’ve also collaborated with Pippa Kay, a London photographer who’s photos of ‘The 7 Deadly Sins’ will feature in the book.

The idea of Collab Writers came to me in shavasana on a yoga retreat. When the class finished I ran to my room, grabbed a notebook and mind mapped the vision. At first it was a dream but the idea kept bugging me until we did something about it. Last week,  we launched to a room of 100 writers and other creatives.”
– Jennie Griffiths, Co-founder.

Who are Collab Writers?

We are writers by night with day jobs. We’re disrupting the traditional world of solo writing, editing and publishing by collaborating and doing it for ourselves and others. We’re also screenwriters. Our next collaborative mission, once our book is published is to turn our book into a film. Our Founder Partner who taught us the craft is Elliot Grove, London’s king of indie film and the Raindance Film Festival.

When Anj and Jen pitched the idea of Collab Writers to me, I got on board right away. Their passion and vision reminded me of when I started Raindance. I love the way they want to disrupt and help others do the same. Collaboration is the future!”
– Elliot Grove, Founder Partner.

As well as Elliot, we’re also filling a virtual ark of Founder Collaborators to help establish the community. Ali Mashayekhi of Landed Entertainment, a Canadian producer and director has already confirmed his collaboration on Collab Writers’ projects. Ali is bringing fellow actors along with him. We’ve also got poets, bloggers, photographers, musicians and illustrators. And, a PR representative!

On top of Founder Collaborators, we’re also open to Founder Members who can join via our Kickstarter campaign until 17 December 2018. There are also opportunities for Founder Patrons.

What’s Collab Writers all about?

It’s pretty simple – we collaborated in writing ‘Consequences’ together. We’re planning on publishing our work off one of Collab Writers’ publishing arms, Dark Art Books and we want you to collaborate to create so that we can get your work out there too!


“It’s our tagline. It’s an extremely simple concept of bringing people together to collaborate to create.”
– Jennie Griffiths, Co-Founder

Every stage of the creative process can present stumbling blocks and hurdles to overcome for writers, illustrators and other artists.

  1. First you have to get over writers block and actually finish something.
    This is where collaboration helps because it shares the pain.
  2. We plan to hold regular networking events to hook creatives up and by the middle of 2019 we want to design an app to help artists to collaborate to create on the go. (Commute2Create).
  3. As you can never have too much education, we will be holding training and pop-ups to help hone your skills and work on your craft.
  4. Once you’ve written your work, you have to find an editor. When there’s two of you collaborating, you can take it in turns to edit one another’s work. Professional editors will be part of the community to help you edit.
  5. As for publishing, this is where many writers give up. We will have two publishing arms – Dark Art Books and Light Work Books.
    One of our founder Collaborators, Shiva Sawyer, a former publisher will be guiding us through our debut publication of ‘Consequences.’

Last but not least, this is a community and we need your help to build it.

Our first goal is to get our collaborative work of fiction out there. Please pledge your support by pre-ordering a copy of our book and bringing our baby to life.

Whilst you’re there please do have a look at our other rewards, from limited edition Collab Writers notebooks to being the brains behind our future stories.

They say everyone’s got a book in them. What’s yours? 

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