Let go, journal & help ease dis-ease


Charlottes Heart

Isolation is testing many of us. It may be bringing up some of the old self-doubts and criticisms or others’ issues that they project onto you.

If you let it, it can make you uncomfortable. Taken to the extreme and buried it can cause dis-ease that affects you mentally, physically or both.

The time has come to let it out – let go and transmute the negative by telling positive stories of easing dis-ease to help future generations.

Artwork by Charlotte, my angel of a neighbour who has brought me food and looked after me in isolation. I will be eternally grateful!

Easing Dis-ease project

In November 2019, Collab Writers launched a call for interest in the ‘Easing Dis-ease’ project inviting stories of the dis-ease of life (of body, mind, love, work and other peoples’ stuff) and the ways we have found to reframe and transmute dis-ease. The project will be in print and audio and a portion of profits will go to charities that ease dis-ease.

Now is the time to join Collab Writers in writing about dis-ease and using positivity and creativity to reframe it. If you are reading and thinking, ‘I’m not sick, this isn’t for me’, dis-ease goes beyond the physical, it’s any pain or suffering, mental or physical about any aspect of the life you are living, in any which way.

Dis-ease is the body or mind telling you something, somewhere in your life is out of balance.

Many believe that ‘journaling’ is one way of ‘letting go’ of negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs; memories that are trapped in your mind or body and no longer serve you. I for one, use writing and creativity to reframe in an effort to turn pain and suffering into something positive.

Chicken soup for The Soul

Like everything in life, cathartic story telling is not new. We read Fairy Tales as children and if you are old enough, you will remember the much loved self-help series of books, Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield. This was a collection of stories and tales bringing wit, wisdom, hope and empowerment to see you through life’s darker moments.

Be of service to future generations – share your reframes

Many believe that a ceremony of burning the pages you’ve written releases the story you’ve been telling yourself and let’s it go. This is a wonderful ceremony to release negative beliefs and thought patterns but given many of us are isolating in apartments, I’m not advising this!

Burning pages or scrunching them up and throwing them in the recycling bin, also feels a little indulgent when others might benefit from your learnings and reframes. It’s not to say you need to share all of the gory detail of your suffering in your story but you can keep the pages as a record, and transmute it into a reframe to help future generations.

Whilst each of our lives is unique and individual, dis-ease is something we all experience in some measure and we know from the current chaos that future generations will not be immune to it. This is your opportunity to serve those future generations to help them to transmute and transform feelings and thoughts to help reframe the dis-ease of life.

Journaling /Cathartic writing

How? Well, it’s pretty easy. Just write. If dictation is your thing, dictate and get your software to put the words on a page for you.

I first heard about journaling from Julia Cameron’s ‘Morning Pages’ featured in The Artists’s Way in my dad’s library when I was a teenager. Julia recommended three pages of writing first thing in the morning about absolutely anything.

Allowing subconscious streams of consciousness to flow out of the shadows of your psyche is both therapeutic and revealing. It gives you insight into parts of you that you might have buried, that when fully awake you might not want to step into.

I share Julia’s view that as tempting as it is to do everything online, we discover a special connection to ourselves when we write long hand, paper or pen on the page. Subconscious streams of writing is also a great way to release the negative. In a strange way, writing it down, allows you to be a silent observer, acting like your own counsellor.

Journaling can help you be your silent observer 

Journaling may give you a different perspective on life. Remember not to beat yourself up about thinking life’s events over. When you are an empath and tuned into your emotions you invest emotionally in life, people and situations. Many people in this world lack empathy and compassion and behave without a care for others’ thoughts and feelings. Beware of these people, the stories they tell you may be their own stories and fears projected onto you. Embrace your inner empath. Be proud of you compassionate, creative, emotional self and tell stories to help others channel their energy for the greater good.

And, if I may finish with one tip, don’t be afraid of what comes up when you journal. Getting it out is the first step in addressing the dis-ease of life. Look for the reframe, the hopeful and positive opposite and channel your thoughts into stories – get creative!

If you would like to get involved in Collab Writers or contribute to the Easing Dis-ease project drop us a line on info@collabwriters.com  



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